Fruits of the Spirit Wooden Soulseeds

This beautifully hand-crafted bag of wooden seeds will grow a community of prayerful sowers. There is a wooden seed for each of the fruits of the spirit. Select from the bag and plant this in a prominent place (kitchen table, child's bedside, teacher's table). With intention and prayer, your community and family will grow into the spirit-filled environment we all wish to create.

  • Receive 1 bag containing the handcrafted wooden seeds. (One seed for each fruit of the spirit)
  • Grow individually within families, classrooms, church groups and with grandchildren.
  • Hold a wooden seed in your hand and place its intentions in your heart throughout the day.
  • Allow each seed to resonate in your family and cultivate an abundance of positive discussion!


Price: $30.00
$27.00 Price:
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