Affirmation Cards

These packets are beautifully presented in a burlap bag containing 20 inspiring messages and positive affirmation cards. Place them in your Soulseeds stand to remind you throughout the day of the power of intentional thoughts. They also make the perfect gift.

  • Receive a handmade bag containing 20 specialized life affirming seeds from a variety of subject.
  • Each card contains one seed with a message specific to your lifestyle or experience.
  • Allow each seed to resonate with you or your family to cultivate an abundance of positive thoughts and discussion!

Read more through these various categories:

Life Experiences

  • Mindful Pregnancy. Make pregnancy a time of spiritual practice with practical wisdom and encouragement. This Soulseeds packet will make the perfect gift at your next baby shower. view example
  • Mindful Motherhood. This packet will bring mindfulness to motherhood in small yet powerful ways. As we know, motherhood isn’t all fun and games; so deepen your experience as a mother with these 20 insightful seeds.
  • Mindful Fatherhood. Being a father can be confusing. This packet will bring dads back to the joy of fatherhood. Be the best father you can be, and help your family to thrive with these 20 inspiring seeds. view example
  • Living Fully With an Illness. Lovingly written by someone who knows the isolation and despair of illness, these seeds uplift your day and help you connect with the beautiful wholeness within you. view example
  • Relocating Mindfully. Moving to a new location can be difficult. Let Soulseeds help you transition through this journey with mindfulness and peace. This packet makes the perfect moving gift!
  • Quit Smoking Mindfully. Don’t let smoking have one more day of victory. This packet will guide you through each day with practical advice and challenging insights. view example
  • Thriving Through Economic Hardship. Meeting financial needs in times of economic hardship is a stressful experience. Let Soulseeds lighten the burden by helping you handle practical challenges and find your inner wealth. view example
  • Mindful Divorce Recovery. Divorce can be painful as you grieve the loss of intimacy (or are consumed with a sense of failure and the loss of “a dream”). With this packet, Soulseeds offers you a healthy approach to letting go and moving on. view example
  • Weight Loss. These affirmations will help you to focus your intention on a healthy body and shed unnecessary emotional baggage. You will resonate with the experience of the author, who has successfully battled weight loss. view example
  • Living Fully with Depression. You are not alone. This packet has been lovingly written by one who has experienced, first hand, the debilitating effects of depression. view example
  • Coming-Out Mindfully. Are you ready to live an authentic life? Are you living in fear and anxiety? Let Soulseeds guide and support you through this crucial time, for you deserve to be loved for who you are. These seeds are crafted by several people who have experienced the challenges and joys of “coming out.” view example
  • Support for the Caregiver. Being a caregiver can be both challenging and fulfilling. This packet has been crafted by someone who understands the highs and lows of giving selflessly. These seeds will affirm and strengthen you each day. view example


  • Living Fully While Single. Are you ready to celebrate and embrace all that you are, whole and complete, without a partner? This packet will lovingly guide you to living a full and connected life. You are not alone. view example
  • Embracing the Empty Nest. You have just completed a huge chapter in your life! Letting go of children and adapting to new relationships is a major transition. Soulseeds offers a way to move into this new phase with mindfulness, love and respect. view example
  • Intimacy for Couples. Does your relationship need a little extra attention? Soulseeds offers a loving, creative and playful approach to intimacy that will put your relationship back in balance. view example

Living with Awareness/Intention

  • Gratitude. Bring your attention to gratitude with these mindfully written seeds. Let Soulseeds help you greet each day with intention to appreciate all that is right before you, enabling you to open your heart to all the possibilities that await. view example
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  • Inner Peace. Are you feeling a need to refocus in your life? Find more balance? Deepen your relationships? Find a clearer path? This packet will help you find what you are looking for, and provide a gentle reminder that all you need is within. view example
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Community Garden

  • Seeds to Deeds. Do you need practical tips and creative ways to enhance kindness in your life and in the world around you? This packet provides many fun and thoughtful ways to live a generous life. Be sure to tell us how your acts of kindness have changed your life, and the lives of others, for the better. view example
  • Secret Agents of Kindness-Home Edition. Parents, do you wish for your children to live compassionate and mindful lives? These fun and creative ideas inspire your children to give generously and connect deeply with others. Soulseeds is calling all children to a special mission, asking them to become “Secret Agents of Kindness” in their homes and communities.
  • Secret Agents of Kindness for Kids. School Edition. This is the perfect way for teachers to create a positive and encouraging environment in which to teach. Created by a mother and teacher, each card suggests fun and creative ways for children to become “Secret Agents of Kindness” within their schools. Watch how the classroom environment changes as the students become more mindful and generous throughout the day. Teacher notes, support and tips included.

Coming Soon

  • Family Conflict. Do you struggle with family conflict? Do you feel misunderstood, ready to give up, judged or an outcast? This packet will help you let go of expectations and open up to the possibility of new and healthy ways to interact.
  • Letting Go. Do you hold onto life tightly with both hands? Do outcomes and expectations get in the way of living in this present moment? Soulseeds offers a way to remain open to possibility, loosening your grip on what you think should be so that you can enjoy what simply is.
  • Overcoming Fear. Let these encouraging affirmations challenge you to live more fully so that you can be a light in the world. Step out of your fear and live in love.
  • Living Fully Through Job Loss. Losing a job can chip away at your identity, self esteem, and self value. Let Soulseeds guide you through this difficult time, helping you to trust in your highest purpose.
  • Parenting an Autistic Child. As a parent of an autistic child you have specific issues, tensions, celebrations and stressors. This packet has been lovingly written by a Doctor of Psychology in order to help you embrace the challenges and joys you face each day.
  • Intuition. Are you looking to explore, develop or simply validate your intuition? Soulseeds will help you tune into your inner wisdom and help you listen to the universal truths we so easily ignore.

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