Awareness Articles

I write because I have to. Not because I have a million amazing thoughts racing around my head that must be written down, or that I have ideas nobody has ever heard, words worth repeating, insights, perspectives or lessons nobody else has learned. I don’t write because I’m clever, have a way with words or […]

An Introvert Comes out.

April 13th, 2014
Some of you may be surprised by what I am about to share. Contrary to popular belief I am in fact an introvert. My loud laughter, story- telling, and almost always sincere interest in your life are clever cover up skills I’ve developed to put you off the scent. You see, I’ve had this feeling […]

Awareness and Identity

February 25th, 2014
Getting an iPod changed my life. It’s a pocket sized miracle. It carries a lot of music, and a whole lot of me in it. The playlists are like a biography of various parts of my personality. There’s the workout play list; Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Sick Puppies, Bush…it’s all hard hitting and intense. The […]
I’ve been wondering about the origin of the phrase “wise guy” and I don’t think it started with the Three Stooges, “Ah, wise guy, eh!” as Moe stuck a couple of fingers in some poor unsuspecting eyes. Its an underground crime term; the good fellas, gangsters, wise guys. Lefty (Al Pacino in Donny Brasco) said, […]

Deep Seer Diving

February 4th, 2014
David Steindl-Rast said, Sometimes people get the mistaken notion that spirituality is a separate department of life, the penthouse of existence. But rightly understood, it is a vital awareness that pervades all realms of our being. If we are going to learn anything from the death of celebrities like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who die with […]
Group Reading “A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry One- No book should be your Bible. All- Let your daily operating awareness be your Bible. One- Let your daily operating awareness be your Gita. All- And your daily […]