Mindful Divorce Recovery Articles

  After becoming a mom, I always wondered what it would be like having to get my son through his first broken heart. I knew that at some point, the day would come that he would feel disappointed and sad, his belief in the absolute goodness and fairness of the world challenged. I wondered, would […]
I saw this quote from Maya Angelou recently and it stayed with me. The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them. Its a hard lesson to learn. We want to be trusting and forgiving, but end up suffering when we see the signs but refuse to follow them. Most of us have […]
Butterflies in the stomach are like messengers reminding you that change is afoot. They are fluttering to tell you that you’re ready; ready to transform, to grow, and to soar. Visualize the butterflies flying in formation, lifting you up, turning anxiety into excitement. It’s the butterfly effect; one small flutter, infinite impact.
Author, Jodi Picoult wrote, My dad used to say that living with regrets was like driving a car that only moved in reverse. Living with regret slows you down and saps your energy. This is the second part in a series on regret. The first piece looks at some of the most common regrets. The […]
I’m always inspired by stories where someone survives a tragedy because their pet rescued them. I glance at my two dogs, Bailey and Sierra, who are sleeping on my sofa and wonder if they’d pull me from our burning house or alert a neighbor if I was knocked unconscious. I watch them sleep contentedly, Bailey […]

All’s Well that Ends Well

September 20th, 2011
The more things change, the more they remain…insane. Over the Hedge Change involves three steps, in no particular order- endings, beginnings and the ambiguous middle ground in between. Lets call that middle ground, begendings. It seems appropriate to make up a word for this ambiguous middle ground. Do you ever know for sure which point […]
Maybe you feel jaded because your trust has been betrayed and you have built high walls of protection  around your heart. Thats understandable. Life can be harsh, and people can be cruel. Now you have a choice. You can either let the betrayal define you and become closed and bitter, or you can rise above the hurt […]
Do you know people who get overly attached to their drama? They protest loudly and often about what happened TO them, but seem to find a bittersweet comfort in holding on to the pain. They may even have good reason to feel hard-done-by, but they must be getting something out of holding on to their […]
I figure I’ve married about a thousand people in my life. Well I have presided over the weddings of at least 500 couples in the last 20 years. I’ve had some fun moments, with dogs in the bridal party and once on the 18thfairway of a golf course. The most bizarre wedding experience was with […]