July 2nd, 2012

Butterflies in the stomach are like messengers reminding you that change is afoot. They are fluttering to tell you that you’re ready; ready to transform, to grow, and to soar. Visualize the butterflies flying in formation, lifting you up, turning anxiety into excitement. It’s the butterfly effect; one small flutter, infinite impact.

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  1. Beautiful picture and message!  : )

  2. Nina Fox says:

    Beautiful cognitive reframing.  Also remember, it is OK to feel anxiety.  As that is the feeling that makes you so aware of everything…. it can be a little over whelming at times… but at least you feeling alive :~))

  3. i would love to have this as a tattoo in honor of my parents 

  4. Thank you for this , been overwhelmed with anxiety all weekend , this has helped a lot . 

  5. Dr. Ben says:

    Yes – wonderful picture and message…and powerful “reframing” of a common experience into something uplifting & transformative – thank you, Ian!

  6. Pistis Sophia says:

    I humbly ask you this my Father.Give us the strength and power.To stand with each other.In this coming.The worlds darkest hour.

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