June 28th, 2012

Give thanks for nature’s colors. They mirror human moods and remind us that this too shall pass. A blue mood gives way to a bright orange outlook. Dull grey indifference gives way to red hot passion. Green envy gives way to a rainbow of love and acceptance. Moods move through color’s shades, like the rise and fall of seasons.

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  1. Sharon Eden says:

    So delicious… and a superb metaphor!

  2. CBentley says:

    Love the metaphors!!  Beautiful.  Life is seen in nature.

  3. Joy Thompson says:

    Thanks for that photo, which is now on my desktop.  I’ve just sat down to write a series of blogposts about meditating up through the chakras, and this is the perfect start to getting me into the mood to write.  Of course, the first chakra is red and that’s just the most gorgeous red on that tree.
    I LOVE RED! 
    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  4. Great metaphor and incredible photo! And, without the contrast, there is little understanding of the impact of each. The reds are redder in contrast to gray, and so on.

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