History Repeats

October 29th, 2013

in the event of a crash

A couple of hunters chartered a plane to fly them to a remote area in Africa to join a safari. Two weeks later the pilot returned to fly them back. He took a look at the animals they had shot and told them, “This plane won’t take more than one wild buffalo. You’ll have to leave the other one behind.”

“But last year the pilot let us take two in a plane this size,” the hunters protested.

The pilot was doubtful, but he finally said, “Well, if you did it last year I guess we can do it again.”

The plane took off with the three men and the two buffaloes, but it couldn’t gain height and crashed into a hill. The men climbed out and looked around. One hunter asked the other, “Where do you think we are?” The other hunter inspected the surroundings and replied, “I think we are about two miles north of where we crashed last year.”

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