Local Reputation

October 17th, 2013

kissing in library

Three couples were seeking membership in a church. The pastor explained his rule that all new members must go three weeks without being intimate. Three weeks went by and the first couple came back to visit with the pastor. The pastor said, “So how did it go?” “It was tough, but we made it,” said the first couple. “Welcome to our church,” said the pastor.

The second couple came back for a meeting and the pastor asked them the same question. Their reply was the same as the first couple’s and the pastor welcomed them into the church.

The third couple came for their interview and the pastor asked them the same question. The husband replied, “We were doing pretty well until yesterday when my wife bent over to pick up a book. My passions ran wild and, well, let’s just say I just couldn’t contain myself.” The pastor interrupted him, “I’m sorry, but you’re not welcome in our church.”

“That’s okay,” said the couple, “We’re definitely moving. We’re not welcome at the local library either.”

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