Two Degrees of Separation

October 12th, 2013

irish pub

Two men are having a conversation in a bar. This is what the bartender overhears,

The first man asks: “Where are you from?”
“I’m from Ireland,” replies the second man.
The first guy responds: “You don’t say, I’m from Ireland too!

Curious, he then asks: “Where in Ireland are you from?”
“Dublin,” comes the reply.
“I can’t believe it,” says the first man. “I’m from Dublin too!

Getting even more animated, he asks: “What school did you go to?”
“Saint Mary’s,” replies the second man. “I graduated in ’72.”
“That is unbelievable! What a small world!” the first man says. “I went to Saint Mary’s and I graduated in ’72, too!” They both start laughing and slapping each other on the back.

About that time, another regular comes in, and sits down at the bar.
“What’s new?” he asks the bartender.

“Nothing much,” replies the bartender, “but the O’Malley twins are drunk again!”

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  1. Joan Cook-Howe says:

    Love this old joke, especially since my memory is so crappy that I can enjoy it over and over again! 

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