Miss and Mister Communication

November 20th, 2013

prince on white horseA couple are coming home from a date. As they drive home in silence, Jane says, “It’s been 6 months.”  A long deathly silence fills the car.  Jane is uncomfortable with the silence and thinks to herself  ‘maybe I’m putting too much pressure on him. Maybe he’s not ready for the commitment.

At the same time Bill is thinking, ‘6 months??? Whoah, I am way overdue for an oil change.’ He grimaces.

Jane sees his face and thinks, ‘he is upset – he’s definitely not ready for the commitment. In fact, maybe I’m not ready for the commitment either.  Do I want to be married and have children so soon?’

Bill is thinking ‘I need to get them to look at the transmission again.  It’s still not working right.

Jane’s thinking ‘maybe I’m just being idealistic.  Am I waiting for some knight to come riding in on a white horse and I’ve got this perfectly good man sitting next to me.’ She breaks the silence.

“Bill”, Jane says.  “What?” says Bill.

“I know there is no white horse.”

Bill says “okay?”

Jane says, “I just think I need more time.”

Bill thinks long and hard about this statement, suspects he has walked into a trap and after a long pause, says “I understand.”

Jane reaches over and touches him and says “Thank you. You are a wonderful and sensitive man.”

Bill is as relieved as a man could be and drives Jane back to her place.  She lies on her bed and sobs all night. Bill in the meantime goes back to his apartment and opens a bag of Doritos and watches television. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows that something monumental happened in the car.  But he suspects that he will never make any sense of it so he decides not to try.  The next day Jane calls her best girlfriend and they spend hours together going over every detail, every word, every silence, every gesture of the conversation.

Meanwhile, Bill plays racquetball with a mutual friend of his and Jane’s. As he is about to serve, he pauses, and says to the friend – “Norm, did Jane ever own a horse?”

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