Sick Him Jesus

November 29th, 2013

parrot monkeyThe thief enters through a basement window. He starts making his way through the house when he hears a tiny shrill little voice say, “I see you and Jesus sees you.” He stops cold. Surely he didn’t hear what he thought he heard. He waits a minute or two and decides its just his mind playing tricks on him. So, he takes another couple of steps and then he hears it again. “I see you and Jesus sees you.” He stops dead in his tracks. He looks around and sees a bird cage close to the railing on the side of the steps. He’s relieved that it’s just a parrot talking. As he laughs at his paranoia he sees the paw of a dog coming through the kitchen door. That paw opens the door wide and just as the burglar sees the massive dog he hears the parrot say, “Sick him, Jesus! Sick him!”

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