Seed of Acceptance

May 21st, 2012

Sit on the front steps of right NOW, aging gracefully and gratefully, smoking a peace pipe with what is. You and this moment are a perfect match, deeply in love, with nothing to prove or fear. Give thanks for all you’ve been, seen and loved. Breathe in the acceptance.

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  1. miky says:

    It is one of the sweetest pictures that I have seen… love it and it is beautiful.

  2. They say a pictures says a thousand words – but this is priceless.  True Love at it’s purest – we should all be this lucky!!

  3. BJ says:

    Kids! 😀 

  4. emma says:

    Priceless 🙂 x

  5. Caroline Harte says:

    Utterly beautiful!  

  6. patwitch says:

    Yikes! This looks like a future snapshot of me & Jockoline. By the time I eventually catch her, I’ll have 4gotten why I was chasing her. 

  7. Gamma says:

    Ein schönes Bild. Unser Bild aus uns heraus, mein Bild soll unsichtbar die Züge Gottes tragen, ich kann nicht aus diesem Bild gerade sagen, wie Gott mit diesen Menschen Zwiesprache hält. Aller Atem ist aus Gott.

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