Seed of Growth

May 22nd, 2012

Growth happens the same way a leaf falls; dancing back and forth, two steps forward and one step back. Breakthrough follows setback, confidence follows doubt. Even when it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom, a small breeze of hope will smile on you, pick you up and take you on a new adventure.

Say to yourself: Even when I’m falling, I’m growing and learning.

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  1. K. bolt says:

    “Even when I’m falling, I’m growing and learning.”  What a true statement! It takes some of us a long time to learn this, and then those that are faced with challenges in life at an early age have embraced it so well. 40 has been my awakening.  There are many times I see those younger than I so strong and full of wisdom, especially spiritually. They empower me and often leave me feeling I must push because there are so many spring chickens that seem to have it all together. I then understand that we evolve in various ways.  In one year I lost my mother and almost my family.  For 7 years I hid in my career, books, research, ministry, afraid to face the world that was falling apart around me.  Now I can see that many things had to crash around me so that I could shell off the old and be a new creature! My ministry was not as effective because I had not dealt with my own problems at home. When you are blind for so long, epiphany moments tend to be as devastating as they can be enlightening.  I have learned to embrace the slumps and the peaks. Because of my mistakes, I have grown. Because of my struggles, I have grown, and yet I know I cannot base my growth on others’ struggles nor their triumphs.  I have to be well with my own experiences and know I am just where I should be.  I am a perfectionist. In my mind things should be a certain way at a certain time, LOL! Yeah right! Who made me GOD?? I cannot dwell on what I should have done, but again, embrace what has happened and move forward. Even when I’m falling, I’m growing and learning. Learning never stops…. we are forever evolving and that is ok.  Now my focus is on balance I want to achieve this at this highest level. No more regrets….always moving forward, only looking back to assess and remember milestones and positive memories of accomplishment.  Thank you Soulseeds!

  2. Virginia Urbach says:

    This is very serendipitous because my mother uses a similar expression, two steps forward and one step backwards. I laughed when I read this because before nodding off to sleep last night, I thought of this particular expression.  Thank you for reminding me that nothing is coincidental.

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