June 3rd, 2012

Jealousy is an insult to yourself. Live your own life, and find your own joy. Appreciating others for who they are and what they have is the greatest compliment to yourself, because it means that you appreciate who you are and what you have. Self worth is the most attractive quality.


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  2. Susan DeMark says:

    The statement, “Live your own life, and find your own joy” is very powerful.
    I can recall the concept in a spiritual book I have from a long time ago, Making Friends With Yourself by Leo Rock, of “good enough.” We need to appreciate ourselves as “good enough” and not be hard perfectionists. Rock looked to nature as an example, which teaches us to look with an uncritical eye.  We would never look at it and say that mountain needs to be slightly farther to the east and not be so craggy, Rock writes. Beautiful, and true!
    We can learn to discern the differences between appropriate measuring of oneself and, on the other hand, being too negative. Self-worth is an inherent part of each human being.
    Thank you for this thought!

  3. Camille says:

    Again, spoken right to my heart.. Exactly what I needed be reminded of right now.

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