June 8th, 2012

Live YOUR values. Be prepared to be a minority of one, and swim against the tide to stay true to YOU.

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  1. Angela says:

    So true. When we are leading others, it can feel so all alone to be in front. Sometimes you have to look back to see if there are any followers, but sometimes you just have to have faith that you are leading well.

  2. Kenneth Vogt says:

    This is where the superiority of principles over rules really shines. Often the reason everyone is “doing wrong” is not because people are basically evil, rather it is because people are dutifully following rules not of their making that are essentially wrong. If you are principled, the popular consensus may be of practical consideration to  you but it will have no moral weight with you.

  3. Loving the simplicity of this message. Let’s encourage more people to live by this. Thank you.

  4. Jack Grabon says:

    Although the gray area between right and wrong can be vast and depend on the specific context or situation, I like the colorful quote.  The point is that even if everyone is doing something, it doesn’t mean that you should too.  My take is that we should use discernment in not only everything we say or do, but in what we think and feel as well.

  5. Jasna says:

    With other words ,when other think that is something black ,I think it is white.And opposite for other thoughts or acts.But I know my thoughts  were good  and life proof them.Because  I am watching on the world around me from more aspects.Other people take care only for their profits,they don´ care for other.Even they are  pretending  , they care,is because they want harm to other for their profits.This is tragedy of this world .I will never understand people without other exposures.So sad .OUR BLUE GREEN PLANET SHALL BE PLANET OF LOVE ,LIGHT , COMPASSION,PEACE,JUSTICE,RESPECT,DIVERSITY AND WISDOM.

  6. In an absolute sense of total compassion, my heart cries out to those with whom I’m not in complete unity with here, as they’re views or beliefs may quite possibly differ more than a bit from mine. I hereby stand by truth and truth alone, or what I myself now perceive, or have come to determine or recognize as being part and parcel of truth. Now although I may entirely respect others differing perspectives here, I will completely stand by those views or beliefs, which I find to be most in alignment with the truth, and will hold to those views or beliefs without falter, even though alone I may stand.

  7. Andrea says:

    I love your site and love this message! Andrea

  8. Never fail to do that which is the greater moral good, even if it hurts.  Namaste.  (retweeting)

  9. manu pydefs'n says:

    Hi5, this is a great insight. No matter how many years the wrong or lay has made, it can never become right because people are doing it, a lay is what it is, lay. Wrong is what it is wrong , and that it is. Let us do focus on doing right thing.

  10. […] Live YOUR values. Be prepared to be a minority of one, and swim against the tide to stay true to YOU. (Do what you know is #right, even if you're a minority of one.  […]

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