June 28th, 2012

Surrender is not a white flag of defeat. Surrender is a white dove that defies control. Let acceptance land on your heart and make peace with what is, at least for now. Breathe out all soul destroying struggle with surrender’s sigh. Let go and let love decide.

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  1. Nina Fox says:

    Surrender can be to you, not others.  One can still have freedom as that is an internal not external process.  Logical fallacy is when one feels their body must be free in order to be free.   Victor Frankl in “Man’s Search for Meaning”  most eloquently wrote about his concentration camp experience.  His body was controlled but no one could take control of his mind.  For it is not the circumstances in life that cripple an individual, but their reaction to it.  The duality of man .

  2. Sharon says:

    this is amazing and SO beautiful!! thank you SO MUCH… perfect ~ so much love to you all!!

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