July 1st, 2012

Bee all you can bee. Bee seen. Bee bold. Bee real. Bee yourself. Bee the change. And don’t forget to smell the roses and just bee along the way. The beeauty of life is in your eyes, the bee-holder. Add some buzz to your life and bee-dazzle everyone with your color and sweet potential. Bee a bee-liever. Bee-you-to-the-full.

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  1. Carmen says:

    Awesome! Your words make me want to eat more honey . Life truly is sweeter with people like you making the world a better place 🙂 buzz

  2. Cat Forsley says:

    One one of the most beeeeeuatifullll things i’ve ever read 🙂 xo Cat 

  3. April Danann says:

    Lovely! As a bee keeper (they are free to do what they want of course!) my interest lies in chemical/sugar free bee raising
    and healthy hives – it’s nice to have some attention brought to these amazing little creatures, and in such a fun way

    Have a beeautiful day! 

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