“It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine.” ~ Byron Katie

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  1. Tim says:

    Interesting post Ian. Blessing to me is the practice of love in all situations, and I’ve had a few where someone didn’t like me. It use to bother me all the time and still can sometimes. But now I try my best to just bless the moment as it is and not let any negative power present take command of the situation by taking command of me. It helps me so much to whisper to my own soul, if that’s all I choose to do… “I bless the power in this situation in the compassion and peace of divine perfection.” I might go farther with a blessing if I choose, but since, when it happens, it’s just so surprising why somebody would not like me I keep the blessing short in the moment and go farther into it when I can go into my “blessing zone”.  But it’s always beneficial to remember we are the power within all of our experiences, so what Byron Katie says here are from a deep and  profound place I believe. Thanks for sharing this.  May your week be filled with joy and love.

  2. lynette says:

    Awesome quote from an inspired mystic. Have read a few of her quotes b
    before but none of her books. Just 10 mins ago I was thinking that I needed
    a spiritual book to read but cudnt think of one I hadnt already read and then I
    read this. Thank you for providing the sign! Damn I’m/your good! 🙂

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