July 11th, 2012

Make a splash, diving into every amazing experience with your own unique flair. Remember that the exhilaration of surrender far surpasses the risk of pain. Stretch your mind and body as you contemplate the opportunities ahead, give thanks for the privilege of another day’s adventure and dive in to all the goodness that awaits you.

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  2. It really is brave to give up the illusion of control and self-reliance, and trust that everything will be alright, even if our experience results in pain, loss, or death. From the time we’re little and afraid to jump onto the water, it seems something deep inside is afraid of the worst–dying or it’s equivalent, the dreaded unknown. I wonder if the diver in the photo is afraid of anything , or is his dive representative of his whole way of being?

  3. Coach says:

    This is very profound. Give up control or the illusion.  

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