August 31st, 2012

“Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides. The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never stop trying to learn and grow.” ~ Tony Schwartz

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi love love love this thought. It captures the essence of embracing change (i.e. uncertainty) with an open heart. Being curious is a childlike trait that we all need to do more often. It’s a natural part of being human that I for one, was told to stop doing by my parents and even teachers who didn’t appreciate some questions that were asked. 

    How wonderful to think about doing this for our self, as an act of self loving. Be curious about our self, our choices, our lives and all that surrounds us in the moment and be open and curious about what is coming around the corner. Curiosity feels very different than fear of the unknown.   

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