August 9th, 2012

Be both a leader AND a follower, teacher AND student. Learn from people who inspire you AND inspire others with your boldness. Lead with conviction AND be prepared to change direction. Walk an authentic path AND inspire others to walk theirs. A leader is anyone willing to grow and change and live out loud.

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  1. authentic piece. it reminded me of the inspirational piece i wrote entitled “child of divine”:hild of divinetrue heart of a child, stand long than longer blessed child, look further than your eye and walk there, do better than a smile and talk them, the words you speak sadden me, the works you did pardoned me, the worth you give to the darkest moment, the earth you live to the hardest knowledge, behold! child of divine truth, the toes of the warrior; the youth, stars of happiness to the eye they shine, past of loneliness by night they shine, opn18042013/1434poem: ‘child of divine’book: ‘google eyes’year: april 2013book no.4 of 2013

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