When it feels like you’ve hit rock bottom, make it part of your rock solid inner strength. Use the struggle to build a platform for growth. Stay grounded when you feel like you’re losing yourself in the rubble of regret. Stay alert, look with compassion and you will find yourself in all sorts of new ways, rising from the ashes.

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  1. Beautiful words of truth!

  2. Abundance Vibes says:

    Thank you… beautiful and on time… rising from the ashes.

  3. More true then what most people know. As a person who has once hit “rock bottom” I can attest to a compassionate outlook being an essential ingredient to growing. This is quite poetic and i enjoyed it! Thanks for the up-lift!

  4. Quintessa says:

    Truth goes beyond surface deep. Look closely enough, we find ourselves. Compassion is born of experience. Thank you.

  5. Shereen says:

    amazing words full wisdom and hope thx Ian 

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