September 17th, 2012

Cast your net wide, and give yourself every chance to experience all that life has to offer. Put thoughts, hopes and intentions out into the universe and trust that many good things will return; a new friend, a new job, a new sense of peace. If it’s too small for you, let it go. There are infinite fish in the sea of possibilities.

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  1. Livy Dunne says:

    i did just that, I picked up the phone, reached out and had a new I within two weeks. 

  2. Siobhan says:

    Thanks, I needed to read something like this for tomorrow. 

  3. LINDA says:

    ths is way cool..

  4. Marlene says:

    I have this tattoo’d on my upper thigh along with a hawaiin leiLOVE IT !!!!!!

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