September 17th, 2012


Surrender to the space between “what if?” and “why not?” Imagine the possibilities!

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  2. Catie says:

    I just read one of your tweets “keep going even when it’s hard to see the point”.   Thank you for words.  My youngest child left for college 2 years ago and the older 2 are living miles away.  I’ve lost my point in life and that coupled with teetering on the edges of poverty I’ve no longer been able to see the point in staying on the planet.  I feel that my presence has become parasitic and therefore it’s time to leave the party BUT, since reading your quote, maybe there’s another point for me that hasn’t yet come to light. Thank you.

  3. ian says:

    hi Catie, thanks for your honesty. LIkely more point than you even realize, including showing your kids (even from a distance) how to persevere through dark times. Be well and stay strong. By the way you write, i can tell you bring a LOT to the world.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Catie, please understand that you have a reason for being here. My mother is going through the exact same thing right now and I assure you that I would be devastated if she decided she was no longer useful. I’m sure your children would feel the same way. Just because they don’t need you in the same way doesn’t mean they don’t need you at all. If you keep searching I’m sure you will find your personal “why.”

  5. Stephanie says:

    Catie, I completely understand.  My soul mate died and my step-kids moved to live with their mother a few years back and I have been dealing with debt and depression until recently.  You have to get up and get on.  You can’t allow the “Blues” to take over.  You Version of the Bible has an 33 day program “I’ve got the Blues Devotions” from Time of Grace Ministry.  I’ve been reading it, going to the gym, getting out with my girlfriends and I’ve come to realize I’ll see my husband at another time.  He wouldn’t want me to sit around being depressed.  And he surely wouldn’t want me to end it all b/c I wouldn’t see him again, we’re Catholic suicide is a sin.Tomorrow is another day.  Get up, take a shower and know that you are loved by your children and your friends.Stephanie

  6. chaswh says:

    Catie, all of the above comments are sooooooooo true. There is a lot this world still NEED and desire from you!

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Catie, Girl, we have all been in that place at one time or another in our lives!We have to remember, as Ian said, that we DO HAVE A PURPOSE for being here. That purpose takes on different forms or manifestations at certain strategic times in our lives.  I’ve come to realize that WE ALL have gifts and talents inside of us.  Those gifts and talents are like precious jewels which are for the encouragement of others.  YOU HAVE gifts and talents and wisdom and experience  we all need.  Those jewels fuel us, fuel our vision, feed our purpose, fan the flames of faith in the rest of us.  Those jewels add to the adornment of our lives in ways you might not see at present.  YOU ARE PRECIOUS !!!       🙂

  8. Hellen says:

    Chris,  that was inspiring.  Catie, thank you for sharing.  It’s a reminder to call my mum and tell her how precious she is. I cannot imagine life without her.  

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