September 12th, 2012

Let others show you what you may not be able to see for yourself. A new perspective, fresh insight, or clear vision may shine a light on your blind spot. A squint or tilt of your head could change the way you see the world. There are as many views as there are eyes to see them. See all you can see to be all you can be.

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  1. christine says:

    just when i think i can not go on, i follow your tweet to inspiration. 
    my sincerest thanks. 

  2. To be able to step outside of ourselves is difficult, but it is made much easier with the help of our brothers and sisters.

  3. Jasna Sever says:

    Respect every living being and see our world with his eyes-this is source .And love them, even some people were not good to me .I know in my country  I NEED TO TAKE ONE STEP BACK(with Parkinson´s disease  is this direction sometimes only directon to go).Believe  me,I know our people need time , space and chance to understand situation.So you can see  I NEVER LOOK ON WORLD ONLY WITH MY EYES.Everyone is free to watch what is on my YouTube Channel Environmental Gallery JS.When they think I want profits or position,they can in all my videos see that profits and position are not important for me . Care and love are important.But I understand the people because situation is not  like garden with roses. Slovenian nation is bright nation.They are smart and they know how to survive even the life is not life anymore.A little time can´t  compare with eternity.

  4. Kim Wilslef says:

    Yes, I sooo much agree with this.  The difficulty in my life has been finding those people willing to help me see.  I’m usually winding up having to rely on God and myself to see.  Sometimes I feel blind a lot longer and it’s more frustrating than if there were someone to help me see.   We’ve all gone into a department store and can’t find an item we’re looking for.  It might even be right in front of our nose.  What level of help do we want to find it?  A sales associate just to vaguely say, “over there”?  We go that way not really certain.  Maybe we can’t even find a sales clerk to ask.  Or sometimes the help isn’t much help so we just figure we might as well have looked ourselves. What if we get good directions but the sales clerk doesn’t go with us and expects that we will find it by ourselves?  Then what if we still can’t find it?  We’ve all been there.  Think back on the embarrassment and frustration one feels.  Sometimes we give up and just go without the item.  But what if we went back and said, “we still can’t find it”?  And the sales associate willingly, cheerfully went with us to show us where it was.  Don’t we usually feel so much better that we had the help.  Let’s all try to be the sales associate with the level of care that if able would go with the customer to point out the item. 

  5. Mine issue has always been that people don’t believe me when i show interest in helping them find themselves. i also believe that in the process of finding others, they should also help me locate  and find me. This is the only way it can work

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