September 14th, 2012

When anxiety is crowding out joy, take in a larger perspective. If your direction seems all wrong, look for a larger right. If things are falling apart, raise your sights to see something better falling together. Be willing to say “no” in order to clear the way for a much deeper “YES!” Perspective makes life feel SO spacious.

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  1. J Smit says:

    . . . and exercise.  That’ll brighten your perspective.

  2. Putting it in perspective helps so much.  Someone I know recently complained about their job — and then immediately realized that it was clean, honorable, well paid, and challenging.  Many people live in poverty and work in horrible conditions, if they’re working at all.  Perspective.  Thank you!

  3. ruby bedi says:

    Why be anxious when you can be conscious! Connect to the People Power, the richest resource on this planet to eradicate this disease forever.   

  4. Yes thank you J Smit…exercise is very helpful.Being mindful too, after all the anxiety is a feeling you are having in this moment, it is not you 🙂

  5. ruby bedi says:

    Recognizing the state of anxiety without getting into the Why, Who, What will soon reduce the state. Only when it is reduced can you revisit the story and find other choices to create different outcomes.        

  6. […] this beautiful picture {image via thereislovetobefound} above as well as a piece of advice from Soulseeds, “When anxiety is crowding out joy, take in a larger perspective. If your direction seems […]

  7. Bharathan Rajaram says:

    Interesting thoughts. Isn’t a wider perspective easier to achieve when we have a sense of vision and direction in life?

  8. ruby bedi says:

    Catch 22. What should come first? Perspective expands as does the vision when we have no personal fight, when we have somewhat distanced our self from opinions and projections, ours and of others. A vision , no matter how big can be deluding unless we have inner clarity.

  9. ruby bedi says:

    Imagination is planting a seed in space and watching it grow into a luscious world.  

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