October 28th, 2012

Living a healthy and balanced life creates a blanket that your well-being rests on.

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  1. Shereen says:

    Oh Ian that is so cute.  

  2. Candy Gray says:

    That sounds boring unless the play is challenging or your playmate is a challenge. Mine is… She goes so fast at everything in so many  directions! Mentally I have to force a slow down to focus – which yes, seems odd but when thoughts move thru almost in a blur, concerted is where I’m at! retention is lowered by this frenzied rate. I loathe waiting on people (the only time that surfaces is during a panic attack at a stoplight with a swarm of killer bees after me) Ironically, this friend seems to always be waiting on me… I’m all in! I want to make plans.  I have every Friday free… Did she want to run today? LOL…think I’ll sleep 😉

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