October 27th, 2012

Surround yourself with the things and people you love. Just don’t lose yourself in the process. Enjoy your circle of support without letting it smother you. Love what you love without over attachment or desperation, or else it may end up eating you alive! Hop into the day secure in who you are, and healthy love will turn up everywhere.

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  1. Cara O'Neill says:

    Inspiring and uplifting…thank you! : )

  2. debbie simon says:

    I think this is a very important message.  I really love “Hop into the day secure in who you are”

  3. Andrea More says:

    Yes, but difficult on the days when you wake up and question who you really are. Am I the together polite person at work? Am I the sympathetic mom at soccer practice? Or am I the overwhelmed blob of worries who cries at night when the house is finally quiet?  Will the real me please stand up!

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