October 8th, 2012

Scratch the surface of every good thing in the world, and you’ll find love.
Generosity: Love of giving freely
Listening: Love of tuning in
Keeping promises: Love of following through
Forgiveness: Love of self
Peace: Love beyond self
Understanding: The love underneath it all
Curiosity: Love of knowledge
Justice: Love for fellow human beings. ~ Addie Johnson in Life Is Sweet

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  1. Jasna says:

    LOVE is not only word.LOVE is my whole life since I know.It was to me very strange ,why some people don´t have enaugh love for other  .One poem said :You need love someone,the human,animal ,or tree,or stone-to someone shall you trust ,what is in your heart.LOVE is important in word  for my country too: S-  LOVE- NIJAAND IN word Slovenija are both my names:JASNA and IVANA(My Christian name by baptism)Slovenian Symbol is Linden Leaf =Heart=LoveLINDEN TREE is tree I love

  2. @C4All says:

    I like your thinking, the way you often simplify concepts to not only make them understandable….but do-able.   So I appreciate the way you sow your seeds of compassion, justice and peace.Thank you

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