October 4th, 2012

Let it go.

Let it be.

Let it strengthen you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Choosing to exercise  self-restraint is an act of civility that shows personal responsibility and respect for self and others.  Civility is a choice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. Civility is a choice that in the end rewards with peace. This spoke to me particularly because I reacted vs responded to situations going on around me. I have also learned the most DIFFICULT path brings an inner peace once you step into courage and become an open book choosing to be vulnerable. Then you’re accountable. I have missed much and let  it go. When heart and head don’t mesh…… choose one for a while. I follow my heart.

  3. Susan says:

    Tonight my guy and I ended a very difficult relationship. We’re not in a  good place in our lives or with each other.It took all the effort I had to tell him I’m not happy and ask if he  was happy with me. He wasn’t. I have no wish to be miserable or make him miserable so we agreed to end things.We’re not teenagers and I  want us both to be happy for the remainder of our lives. That wasn’t  going to happen for either of us, so I let him go. He had written me a letter two nights ago, trying to explain his feelings to me. Its an immense relief to me now. I’ll miss him terribly,I already do but some things are not meant to be.My heart told me several weeks a go this wasn’t working and if I had to be the one to  end things with him, I’m glad I had the strength to do so.When there is more bad things  than good  in a relationship, its alright to stop trying and simply let things end.I know this is true in my mind and pray my heart- and his -will heal in time… I pray we both grow stronger from this experience….

  4. ian says:

    hi Susan, good thoughts to you. May you find peace and strength in this decision and move on with a clear mind.

  5. broken hearted girl says:

    Wow Susan props to you.. I just ended things with my man too, for the exact same reasons. It’s hard though, and I need to figure out how to be my own support system which is what I’ve been lacking my entire life.. But how

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