October 24th, 2012

Be boldly yourself and add your unique color and style to the world. Surprise people with joy whenever you show up. Let your smile lift spirits like the shiny, polka-dotted angel of nature. Live with such joy that when people see you, they have an instant reminder that life is beautiful.

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  1. Rama says:

    Smile is contagious ! And a happy face is an instant attracter!

  2. Oluwatomiwa says:

    Hmmn….yes. I actually agree with the write-ups above entirely but would also like to add that, we also are products of seeds (semens) and life is all about give and take. However, what you don’t have, you cannot give. What do i mean here? If you don’t have joy, you cannot give it…. and if you’ve got no life in you, you cannot give it… There’s an urgent need for all of us to bury ourselves in the word of God because the word of God is life. We also need to walk in the spirit. God bless you.

  3. Tina says:

    All that we are is JOY. Thanks for the reminder, Soulseeds. 🙂

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