November 9th, 2012

“Think of all the beauty still left around you

and be happy.” ~ Anne Frank

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  1. Jasna says:

    I love nature and I will enjoy new  spring  miracles  outside very soon.The sun will soon give my free energy of sun.I was outside today and yesterday too .I  can´t  walk without support.But tomorrow  ,or the day,or month ,or a year ,or decade after ,all  will be all right again,wherever ,in  this or another dimensions,together with sun ,moon and stars.Rainbow is starpost ,clouds are websites between another world and life on Earth.WE ARE TOGETHER EVERY DAY

  2. Tim says:

    Not sure how, or if, this thought even fits right here. But I was looking at the page, reading Jasna’s comment and it came to me. So I went with it and wrote it down.Oh how I have notice how quickly “the stuff” of the day can grab all my attention, my emotions and my energy… and suddenly the whole day has passed. Then, when I get a quiet moment, I have time to wonder how many blessings touched me during the day without me even being conscious of them.  On one hand I feel sad that I missed them. On the other, how grateful I feel that they were there for me anyway.  And how I love that they don’t seem to need to create any drama to get my attention.  And they don’t hang around waiting for me to do something in return for them, or even to get any thanks.  I feel like they are there for me just because they love me and want all the best for me, no matter what “the stuff” is going on.

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