December 20th, 2012

Christmas is a great time to be whole and healthy. Here are a few healthy Christmas tips:

1. Gifts that inspire wellness

Workout DVDs or healthy recipe cookbook. Gym membership or fitness apps for iPhone.

Make your own gifts (or thoughts) to save unnecessary purchases and landfill.

2. Green Christmas

Use a real Christmas tree and plant it after Christmas. Decorate the tree with natural wreaths and pine cones.

Use LED lights on the tree and around the house.

3. Eat well

Snack before holiday parties to save from binging!

Include healthy options at Christmas meals.

4. Keep moving

Exercise helps relieve stress, boosts your immune system and burns calories.

5.Healthy mind and body

Keep up your meditation practice or simply take some time to relax.

Take some extra vitamins to prevent flus and colds.

Have a happy and healthy Christmas!

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