Wherever you go, and whatever’s happening around you, always take your own sunshine. Keep a hopeful attitude as an act of defiance in the tough times. Don’t let the weather control your mood and don’t let events control your attitude. If you can change things, do. If you can’t, choose who you’re going to be.

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  1. This is a great idea!It is true that so many people are affected by the amount of Vitamin D3 they get from the sun. Here, in Portland, Oregon, it’s a common thing for doctors to prescribe Vitamin D3 just for this reason!However, I agree with you: we all need to bring our inner sunshine out. Smiling at others, thinking about and visualizing times when we’ve felt connected with others we love, and actively focusing on the warmth in our chests and hearts helps to augment these feelings!

  2. Joy says:

    Yup, let’s be the carrier of excited & happy energy even though the days are gloomy. :)

  3. Tiyani says:

    As always your words are our
    “Soul seeds”, helping us grow
    In our unique journeys filled with growth..
    Thank you!

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