January 8th, 2013

We put people down when we feel the need to be above them. Big talk is a sign of big insecurity. Neal Donald Walsh said, “The larger your understanding of who you really are, the smaller your ego.” The more at ease with who you are, the more you’re able to talk others up, because while you’re raising someone else up, you’re raising yourself higher.

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  1. Keith Laidler says:

    I like it!  This will stick in the mind like a song that won’t stop replaying.  Reminds me of another saying, “Small minds talk about people…big minds talk about things.”  (not sure if the terms are correct) 

  2. Absolutely!  Great one guys!  Such an affirming website.  

    Keith, the quote goes:  “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt  

    It’s a favorite of mine too.  

  3. Keith Laidler says:

    Thanks for the quote and source.  I hadn’t taken the time to Google it before hitting ‘send’..but now I can share one more dimension by posing this question:  What ‘type’ of mind is always talking about themselves?     

  4. I would assume that, ‘ourselves’  fit into the category of ‘people’ quite well.    

    I like the definition of humility, that says:  it’s not about thinking lowly of ourselves, but thinking less of ourselves.’    Seems about right. 


  5. Keith Laidler says:

    Yes, thinking less (time) of ourselves; as in ‘naval gazing.’  However, Self Affirmations are essential to keep the flow of mental and spiritual energy ‘harnessed’ (our engine or motor).  I received a small  book from a friend called “Self Talk.” Very enlightening. “What we say to ourselves is more important than what anyone else says to us.”

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