January 13th, 2013

Messengers turn up, sometimes in the most unexpected places, and feed you with new ideas, new energy and new hope. It may seem random the way they turn up, and then sometimes leave again, but the meaning of their visit will become clear in time. Hold on to the message, be willing to let go of the messenger.

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  1. SouLa says:

    So riight on cue and so very much on point. TIME is Emit, ing synchronous hunks of honest data through sentient beings able to translate the transmitting frequency through their outstanding understanding of hope coiled …in an atmosphere of vibrations , den(cities) of dreamglass .. We are synthesized by the soundtrack of true wisdom approaching. That means the reasons messengers forward data is conceived only in the hearts of attentive resonators ready to amplify or amply verse with the light frequency oscillator. 

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