January 4th, 2013

Stand on your own two feet. Claim your strength. Stand on your own two hands. Claim your potential. When you let go of self limiting fears, and see your life from possibility’s perspective, it’s like handstands on clouds.  Blood rushes to the part of you that plays with what could be, and creative juices flow freely.

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  1. geraldine.adams says:

    thank you, usually i say my life’s on hold, i’m looking after my very disabledmother. today i say what a priveledge it is to be with my mother at this age. i am able to be more affectionate to her than i ever have been before. i am able to examine myself. how wonderful my partner has developed skills and strength to help me. we have grown in love for each other. who knows what tomorrow will bring. because of my mother i have gained fiends insight and community. wow i never even would have been in counselling without ths experience. how lucky i am. many other views to change mostly ones i grew up with, they are changed as of now.


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