February 22nd, 2013

There was a village in India which was infested with monkeys. They were not afraid of the villagers and would go into the houses looking for for food and occasionally attack people. All the villagers carried long sticks with them which they used to beat the monkeys and try to chase them away. This only annoyed the monkeys more.

They boarded up the doors and windows to keep the monkeys out. Sometimes they would catch one in a net and take it out of the village but they would always return looking for food. The villagers were at their wits end.

One day a holy man entered the village and observed what was going on. He laughed and said “I have another solution. Why don’t you try planting a banana plantation on the outskirts of the village and see what happens.”

The villagers followed his advice. And it worked. The monkeys were more interested in the delicious bananas and happily rested in the trees, leaving the villagers in peace.

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