being kind being right

It’s better to treat people right than to be right. Clever arguments will convince and impress some. But compassion impacts people at a gut level and changes the world at its core. There’s a time for being right and standing by your rights, but doing right is more powerful. When the two combine, right on.

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  1. Chris Allen says:

    Nicely put. Easy focus to keep in mind when navigating a world filled with confrontations on many levels. Thanks

  2. The Golden Rule – Michael CorbettThere is not one act of kindness or generosity or caring that requires one to be religious or Christian. The bible does not have the words “moral” or “ethical” or “integrity” written anywhere, yet non-Christians and the non-religious alike have learned from way before the bible that being a good neighbor, and all that comes with that, does, in fact, work. There has been some form of the golden rule in every culture, every discipline, and every philosophy for thousands of years, well before the bible’s iteration. Zen secular writings had it, Confucianism and many other secular writings contain it.  Men knew well before the Christians and the bible’s version of the golden rule existed, that if you treat others as you’d like them to treat you, the world could work.  Nothing ever written or done can or needs to be expanded beyond, “treat others as you’d like to be treated.” It is the seminal guideline for the best possible existence for a human being.  So who is living it? Who do you or I know who’s living it? Why isn’t everyone? Because, it is the ignored rule. It is spoken now and then but absolutely no one takes it seriously or thinks it’s possible. How do I know that? Just look at the world we have created. If that rule were the only thing we ever learned, were ever really taught, we’d be a different species. If no other book, no other tenant, no other moral teachings about anything else were drilled into us from our early childhood, like religion is, we’d never need religion, gods, or even laws. Gods or laws or religions haven’t done the job and they never will but the golden rule could if we took it, and only it, seriously.Of course I know enough to know that following the golden rule is hopelessly impossible given our collective inherited human psychologies.  It’s an ideal that cannot manifest itself as long as dogma, religion and all the various gods rule the minds they do, in the billions. Seems our time as humans is spent attempting to be right about our beliefs and our gods, not looking for ways to make anyone else’s existence pleasant. Good luck to us. 

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