August 11th, 2013

dalai computer

“Is it ok for a Buddhist monk to send emails?

As long as it doesn’t have attachments…”

Byron Katie said, “It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering.”

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  1. Suffering is typical for the “childhood-consciousness”, the “Lower self” / “ego”.The true adult, changed to the “Higher / true self”, is free.But, as many of us know, the civilized society is “alienated” to the “Higher / true self”,alienated to the (wisdom of the) process of INITIATION, to the ASCENSION to the higher consciousness. That is an important aspect of the “normal insanity” / “insane normality” of the civilized society, known in the scientific world (sociology, etc) the  “collective neurosis”. I call it the “Collective CIVILIZATION Neurosis” to make clear that I think the collective neurosis of the modern society has an intensive realtion to the process of civilization – which might be much older than 10.000 years; may be even 20.000 or 40.000 or even 60.000 years.The Collective Civilization Neurosis possibly started with a catastrophic sea water flooding, that was said to have happened abtl. 60.000 years ago – and may be the root of the Bible story of Noah and his ark. But the original cause of the Collective Civilization Neurosis is much less important than the information about the given way of basical healing – by initiation / ascension to the higher consciousness (level). 

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