October 5th, 2013

clouds 2

Laughter, simple laughter, I know not reason for,

Laughter from the essence of the soul, sweetness galore

It trembles, pulses through powder blue alleys,

A happy summer shines on squares

A distilled cloud merges with waltzing stalls. ~ Azalea Kermalli

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  1. Evie Marmont says:

    This is so wonderful! Beautiful lyrical words by a beautiful soul. I have always been a fan of Azee’s poetry & to read this on such a wonderful site is even more of a beauty! Great work, it would be lovely to see more & full length poems.  

  2. Bridget Levy says:

    A wonderful lyrical stanza from a wonderful beauty! Poems enable us to forget the moment and travel to different places within our minds, deep at times, light at others. Reading Azalea’s poems every day have been a huge inspiration and pick-me-up!  Would love to see more full length poems. Wonderful work Azee! 

  3. Evie Marmont says:

    Reposting this comment as i cannot see mine, a beautiful stanza from an even beautiful person. Azee’s poetry shines a light throughout my day. It is full of depth and meaning and truth. A very rare quality. I would love to see her work more, her full-length poems as I think this is just part of one, a beautiful gift she has and we are lucky to have her share it with us. 

  4. Louise C says:

    Azalea K is an amazing Poet. It’s relatable. 

  5. fatma says:

    Beautiful.. would love to read the full lenght poem.

  6. Sarafina says:

    Poetry that lifts your mind and heart together breaking new ground journeying into your own imagination. Poetry that inspires your own creativity! I recognize Azalea in this. I love the image, it fits the stanza nicely.

  7. Paula Vick says:

    Such beautiful poetry from this wonderful women. I read EVERYTHING she writes. It is easy to understand and relate too. She writes from the heart and with such beauty. I love her writing.!!!  I love the long poems and the short poems. I think this lady needs to write a book of poetry.!   

  8. Vera says:

    Azalea, you are truly talented and your words touch my heart.  Thank you for sharing it with us.  You must publish your work.  Don’ t stop, it’s trully inspirational  xxx

  9. Zeenat Ismail says:

    Beautiful words….‘Laughter, simple laughter, I know not reason for’ gives a warmth, a feeling of happiness….simplicity at its best. I would love to read the whole poem….keep it up Azalea 🙂

  10. tariq says:

    Such inspiring words

  11. Neelam says:

    |Lovely poem, keep up the great writing 🙂

  12. Sara says:

    This is the definition of beauty.  I’d love to see more at full length, Azalea knows how to make my soul smile 🙂

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