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A Cold Awakening

February 28th, 2012
The snow lays a blanket of stillness and peace over our winter thoughts, tucking us in and telling us to hush and rest now. All I want to do is stomp my feet and yell “Wake up!” but as a child in this new land I do as I’m told. So, Okay – you win, […]

Learn To Love Yourself

February 22nd, 2012
What’s your relationship with validation and praise? Do you seek it, sidestep or dismiss it? And what’s the relationship between praise and ego? Give the ego a fish, and you feed it for a day. Give the ego a fishing rod, and it will happily fish for compliments for a lifetime. It’s like feeding a […]

Nothing is Personal

February 20th, 2012
While standing in front of the mirror the other day, I said to Meg “I’m feeling ugly and out of shape. I need a compliment.” She replied, “Well, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight.” Ouch! I got what I asked for, but strangely didn’t feel any better. Actually, that situation didn’t happen at all. In fact, on […]

Breathing Room.

January 24th, 2012
She breathes, deeply allowing space for the tomorrows to meet her with gentle hands. In with the maybe’s Out with the hope not’s In and out she breathes while the tomorrows patiently wait. Choice -a simple breath away, a thought, a moment, an inhale away. Tomorrow holds it out and whispers “Take it, it’s yours.” […]

I Know This Much Is True

November 22nd, 2011
I have it all. I have a husband, and kids. A house, debt a pet chinchilla and a dog that is too cute for it’s own good. I have long friendships, caring parents, and a pantry full of food. I have vacations, clothing and an education. I have the seasons, the daylight and sleep. I […]
Early in October Deepak Chopra visited the Occupy Wall Street gathering in Zuccotti Park, New York, and led the following meditation. His words were spoken without amplification and spread through the crowd via the human megaphone. I just want to do a two minute meditation, or even less. Put your hand on your heart and […]
There is a bumper sticker that says, You can tell Americans have faith by the way they drive. I don’t know about that. I’ve never found Americans to be better or worse drivers than anywhere else I’ve been. But it is an interesting saying. What is the relationship between faith and responsibility? Many people live […]

The Gift of Living

September 20th, 2011
“No more stuff”. This is my code of being. Let me tell you a story. It begins with a garage sale It ends with $750 in my pocket. Let me tell you another 3 stories They are all just like the first. -how did this happen? I want to know right now, who fed the […]
Our kids have pretty much grown out of singing the road trip blues-“Are we there yet? When are we going to get there? I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. I’m bored. I need to go to the bathroom.” Masters of catastrophe, kids are! One of the kids will say, “I’m starving.” I will reply, “Kids in Africa who haven’t eaten […]

The Sounds of Music

November 29th, 2010
I have been here and gone elsewhere. Turned around and looked over my shoulder. I have sat still, climbed and searched. I have missed it, I have found it, And this is what I’ve heard…. The sounds of laughter, and an honest “I love you” wrapped in tight arms. Dusk thanking me for the day, […]

Road to Now

November 16th, 2010
We were somewhere in Ohio when it happened. And I’ll admit, it caught me quite off guard; I wasn’t looking for it, or expecting it. It just happened. Our family was on a road trip to a wonderful little place up state New York, a vacation we’d been looking forward to for some time and […]

Rest in Peace.

September 21st, 2010
I do yoga, not well, but I do it. I do fine with the crescents, half moons, full moons, crocodiles, dogs, cats, cows as well as other various animals and solar objects. I can balance with a heel tucked into my groin, (yes, even my own heel and mostly my own groin) I squat in […]

Loving Breath

August 25th, 2010
His body is warm, tangled in blankets. A lump. Each breath in – dreaming of what might be, Each breath out -glad for what was. In – asking, out – thanking. A beautiful rhythm, a chant, a prayer. He rests peacefully knowing the reality of his outer world, now meets the possibilities of his inner […]

A Sinking Feeling.

August 3rd, 2010
  I learnt one of my biggest life lessons at the kitchen sink. I stood there. At the kitchen sink. Me and my yellow-gloved hands mindlessly going through the motions. My kids arguing. My husband out. Me washing up. Nothing new. Could it be any more boring? Is this it? I had a sinking feeling […]