Social Media has shifted from “Should we use it?” a few years back to “How should we use it?” It’s moved from curiosity to trend to norm, an essential part of life for businesses, communities and individuals. I’m especially interested in the human dimensions of social media. Here are 10 spiritual advantages to social media in 140 characters or less.

  1. All Are Related- Social Media is turning six degrees of separation into 3 or less.
  2. Shared Wisdom- Giving starts the receiving process. It’s a sacred cycle.
  3. Law of Attraction- Be authentic, communicate clearly and you will attract the right people into your life at the right time.
  4. Authenticity- Present your highest vision to the world with every post, pic and personal interaction.
  5. Paying Kindness Forward- With every like, share, mention and retweet.
  6. Forgiveness- Social media is a creative rather than precise art, built for trial and error. Befriend the delete button.
  7. Presence- Spontaneous messages create intuitive flow of thoughts, feelings and wisdom.
  8. Brevity- Social Media forces you to hone your message to its essence.
  9. Consciousness- Think “out loud” in diverse circles that include easy feedback loops. Change your mind.
  10. Positive Energy- Feel the optimism when multiple people fill their feeds with positive and affirming thoughts.

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  1. tom Ski says:

    This is a great set of guide lines for social media and the new age of technology we are now living in the present moment.  Thank you for this SoulSeeds :-)

  2. Ian:
    Coming upon this site was like coming upon a clear spring of water from a rock -simple, refreshing, basic, primal, substantive, life-giving.
    Thank you.

  3. ian says:

    thank you Wayne. Great to meet you and see your work too

  4. Very interesting perspective has me really thinking. As I teach Social Media strategies one concept I teach is that givers gain. The more we share our wisdom, expertise, knowledge & the more we uplift others the more we get in return.

    Lisa Ann Landry – Corporate Trainer
    I’m an exuberant force of light… Come light up your life

  5. ian says:

    thanks Lisa. I took a quick look at your site and would like to talk to you more about some ideas. What is your email address? Ian

  6. Karen Abrams says:

    Great list! Just starting to use social media to share thoughts and ideas. This is a great way to approach it.
    Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer

  7. Lisa says:

    Thank you for these guidelines. We are all just beginning to understand the impact of our social media. Great way to spread knowledge and offer wisdom.

  8. Phillip says:

    Thanks, Ian. I’ve been using social media for years, now, and, personally, I find it an invaluable resource for keeping in touch with family and friends, both here in Australia, and abroad. Allthough some(not all, by any stretch of the imagination) of the religious stuff is a bit fundamenatlst oriented, quite a substantial majority is quite progressive, which I like,too.

  9. Michal says:

    TY Ian. Another PowerFULL, precise article that uplifts Spirits.
    May Blessings ever follow you & yours @2Infinity…@2the NthDegree…

  10. David Ryan says:

    These are powerful creative thoughts about social media that I find provocative, meaningful, and helpful.
      I would prefer that you introduced it by saying here are 10 helpful and meaningful contributions of Social Media to The Evolving Helping Movement.  Calling them “spiritual advantages” just muddies the water.  What does a “spiritual advantage” mean?  I know you are locked in to people who are “spiritual but not religious” and therefore have to make that connection.  But focusing on helping and meaning are more generic terms and include everybody on the planet regardless of how they explain life.

  11. ian says:

    Fair point David

  12. neil says:

    ian,yes your right and the rules written above broken down in simple form are spookily exact and all the comments would be precisely what i would suggest to set novices off on the path of positive energy which is spiritually in my view divine and of heaven & whether a believer in a most high god/ultimate deity or not to me is serving the lord`s plan of what he wants us to do in our realm to do our best in bettering the world as best we can and it is light and cancels darkness and mastering it is the key to giving it`s gift to others and sets off a chain reaction and its power is doubled when it opens the mind & the eyes of the next then tripled in the next life onto being quadrupled and so on and so on & everybody involved in it anywhere in the globe even if they are alone just need faith that in time the difference that they are making which is only very small when they start as novices is potentially great in the long run because as they say knowledge is power but it doesn`t happen overnight.people who seek positive knowledge gain self improvement and quality people go places,well the most talented ones do anyway.

  13. Amanda says:

    I dont know who to talk to anymore im at my witts end. My story is horrible but im sure im not the only one thats going through this well here it goes i have two babies one four and one that was born at seven months pregnet me and my husband stayed with him evreyday for two months straight untill he was up to five pounds. He was only three pounds eleven ounces he is now 18 months and we found out he might have autism. I moved to a city and lived here for three years and dont have one single friend ive tried to make friends but its so hard, i got pregnet again my son was only fourteen months my daughter was so involved we had names picked out did the nursury at six month i was driving home to have a rest in bed because i cramped it was normal in this pregnncy because i had c sections with my other children i dont know what its like to have natural birth i felt horrible pain while i was driving i stopped at a bank went to the restroom and i could feel her head sorry if this is too personal, i rushed to the hospital dilivered there was no heartbeat and i dilivered a little girl me and my husband was devastated beyond words we had her funeral and did a creamation. One week later my husband went back to work without healing we started fighting all the time because i needed him home to grieve with me i was lonley i had no one to talk i told him to stay at his parents to cool off he said that i hurt him buy doing that i pushed him away he went out that night and cheated on me with a girl never used protection and gave me something some std i went to the doctors to get medicine. I said i would forgive him, he told me on his own but not till seven days later and he almost lost evreything me his kids his mom dad ect. He cries evreyday because he regrets what he did should i really forgive him and if so how could i find it in my heart to honestly truly forgive him he shattered my heart when it was already broken from my little girl i named her angel when you say thier anything you can tell me on how to repair my heart and forgive this man becuase i still truly love him.what do i do im so lost one minute im ok the next im crying i lost my daughter four weeks ago then lost my husband one week ago help please………

  14. ian says:

    hi Amanda, im sorry to hear about your struggles. Please write to me at if you want to explore some coaching with me.
    thanks and be well

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