How Much Ego Is Enough?

July 14th, 2011

Its become cool, and a little cliched, in spiritual circles to speak about killing the ego because its the source of all suffering. I prefer to say that we need a healthy sense of self to avoid suffering. But how much ego is healthy and appropriate? In this short video I offer some thoughts about how much ego you need-

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  1. Drew Stevens says:

    This is the biggest lesson.. that has never been defined.. yet its definitely been defined by the humble ones.. like the dalai lama.. he is as egoless as one can be.. yet he is just an ego of a humble guy.. peaceful in revrence to the divine.. and thats the end phenomenal of all the building up of ego.. in high school mostly.. past that  ego is different.. a bigger symbol of high school.. the “adult would” can be more immature than high school in many ego struggles.. it is simply selfishness. and immature stances.. attitudes of a negative nature.. Fears, worries, anger rage, frutrations, apathy, depression, self pity, self doubt, insecurities.. these are negative ego.. loving and happy in moral.. love and money. positive attitudes.. is ego too :)

  2. Sonya Hudson says:

    Hi Ian really enjoyed your presentation on this video.
    I go along with what you have to say , well done
    Kindest regards Sonya

  3. Mia says:

    This is true. I just didnt fully understand the last part when he said “when setting intentions, include other people.” Hope you guys can explain it to me.thanks.
    And by the way I agree w/ drew about the dalai lama.

  4. Gain Energy says:

    I was curious of what this was, however there were no captions.  BUMMER! I trust this video was an invaluable video.   Would love if you add captions for future reference.  Thank you~

  5. Israel says:

    Oh My God.. great thoughts.. you’re just an Angel.. sent it by God..!!

  6. Shazia says:

    @Mia , I think what he means by  “when setting intentions, include other people.”  that be considerate of other people who are sharing the same world with you , be selfless and caring. 

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