The Gift of Acquaintances

September 7th, 2011

There is a Chinese proverb, “One’s acquaintances may fill the world, but one’s true friends can be but few.” This short video affirms both friends (strong connections) and acquaintances (weak connections). We are connected to both, and both serve different and important purposes. Please forgive my awful Irish accent, which should be better considering my family ancestry, and enjoy this video about universal, timeless connections.

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  1. Ian,
    I really enjoyed your video!  You had me with the joke and I LOVE a great Irish joke!   I am Scots-Irish and Welsh 😉
    The fruit is at the outstretch of our hands, and I, too, have made wonderful connections that started as acquaintances and have grown into deep connections that are fulfilling on multiple levels ~ friendships, business ventures, and people I have traveled over 3000 miles to meet!
    We really truly are all ONE  <3  Thank you again for your post!
    Marcia Ann

  2. ian says:

    thanks Marcia Ann- now you and I are acquainted too. Keep in touch.

  3. Drew Stevens says:

    a crystal lattice.. what a neat vision.. comparing microscopic symbolism to reveal higher truths of the metaphysical soul unity web we are all connected to.. wether we want to acknowledge it or not.. the inseparability of soul.. the unity of their one source of being unites into harmony.. it is the insecurity of needing to wear an ego as something to hide behind that creates a subject-object distinction that facilitates a delusion of separate and alone 🙂  But if we recognize the unity in place.. we can join it, as if we were never apart from it 🙂  and see the lattice of coincidence we are all a part of and being guided within 🙂

  4. shereen says:

    I like the joke,, Thank you.

  5. David says:

    Hi Ian,
    Very profound words here.  Thank you for your encouraging words.  ”Some of the real gifts in life come in the weak bonds.”  Very interesting philosophy you have on the Lattice, Weak Bonds, and 6th Degree of Separation theory.  Can’t wait for more!
    (So sorry – I have a typo on the original comment!)

  6. Hi ian first time commenting on your post. Really can Identify with this about strengthening those weak bonds and the importance of friendship very encouraging words blessings 

  7. ian says:

    thanks Andrae- glad to have you as a new acquaintance. Blessings to you too

  8. Donagh McKeown says:

    Love the joke…about 80 to 100 miles off with the accents, right on the point with the telling of it, and with your thoughts on “connection”  I really enjoy your twitter points. Please keep the positivity coming, sowing the seeds all the while. would you be one of the Lawtons from Scotland…just trying to establish closer conneection
    From an Irishman

  9. ian says:

    thanks Donagh- i did warn you about the accent. Nice to connect.

  10. Ray....... of sunshine says:

    As a spiritually inclined, recovering Irish alcoholic I made it past the joke!

  11. GERRY MC DERMOTT says:

    The O Malley twins had a brother at home in Dublin,and each night without fail he went to the local bar and had 3 pints of beer,1 for himself and 1 each in honour of his faraway brothers.Well 1 night he came in and drank only 2 pints,and the barman asked “ah PADDY what happened to 1 of your poor brothers,has he he passed away ? No not at all replied Paddy,they are in great form,its just that im off the drink meself.

  12. Marjeanna says:

    Just had to comment on the ‘awful Irish accent’ part…..personally I think it is beautiful!  It makes me miss my new Irish friends and my trip to Belfast in 2011 🙂 and also when they joined the group again in Cape Town in 2012.  Of course the analogies and topic of connections also resonated with me strongly but main point of posting was to say what some think is awful, others may think is magical :-).

  13. ian says:

    thx Marjeanna, just to clarify I love the Irish accent. My Aussie version of it is awful.

  14. Translationlady says:

    I was interested in the twitter post for the Chinese connection; but found an answer to a personal connection or should I say disconnection with a family member. Thank you for the AHHHHH HA moment!

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