How Much Do You Care?

October 14th, 2011

Leo Buscaglia said, “Don’t waste a second asking, ‘Why isn’t the world a better place?’ The question to ask is ‘How can I make it better?’ To that there is always an answer. ”

The answer depends on how much you care. It is your empathy which defines the amount of ownership and personal responsibility you take.  From the perspective of responsibility, its always your move. This short video describes the connection between empathy and responsibility and uses the inspiring example of the founder of Mothers Against Drink Driving.

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  1. shereen says:

    I keep listening to your speech, and I believe we all need to such kind of speech, in the world we live in at this moment people regardless of religion or background need to listen to such kind of speech preach. Taking responsibility save lives,,,,,,,belss you Ian

  2. shereen says:

    bless you Ian.

  3. Cole Ruddick says:

    Hi Ian,

    What a powerful video post – love the excerpt you’ve shared here! It seems that we fall into that sense of entitlement so easily & it leads us further from personal responsibility & accountability. Being responsible takes constant effort, as it requires empathy & understanding to begin with – then also the drive to take action to DO something about the situation. 

    Thank you for the inspiration you share… for the seeds you give for personal growth. Best wishes to you!

  4. Andrew Cort says:

    Wonderful post, excellent reminder. So often we dwell on the negative and can’t kick it. Indeed, there is always an answer to the right question

  5. Derek says:

    Great video. I like the question: How far am I willing to go? as a sign of responsibility.
    Twitting & FBing;)

  6. Anke says:

    great video – thanks for transferring my thought into words

  7. AlexFierce1 says:

    True article, but I probably will not help much. I feel that I am trying to change the world, but it is rather that the others do not want to cooperate. In my opinion, this case can not find just one problem why is the world so corrupt, why can not cure. Behind it is humanity itself, so I think that at least one person can change the world a little bit but I’m afraid that he needed a great deal of perseverance and persuasion of people around him.From my own experience I can say that only a strong personality to the art of persuasion and to lead people could help these people see the world through different eyes, and begin to perceive himself or herself.

     Then we have a job stress, constant financial problems, people who are not born just as the rich people who, for example got everything without much work. 

     But I say that there are exceptions for your dream decided to work on myself and dragged it away, such people are worthy of my admiration.
    Otherwise, I really liked your video was inspiring☻

  8. JASNA says:

    Care for other people and animals was always very important  in my  life. I am helping to the people,even they are not grateful and they act against me.Even now,when I am very ill because of Parkinson disease,I try to help to make our world  better place to live. I  ´m creating environmental videos to represent situation in the world and show the ways out.I am not owner of my videos.I don´t earn  with them. I invest my time and my money in videos( I am retired because of disease)But some people with profits from dangerous chemicals ,are against my action.They are doing all to stop me. I  think,they are going to far.Maybe I should tourn myself to protector of human rights?!

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