Searching for God

May 24th, 2012

I once asked a group of people to point to God. Arms shot out all over the place. It was like Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a sacred geometry of pointed arms. Some pointed up. Some out the window. Some pointed to people near them. Some swirled their hands around like flowing energy. Many pointed back at themselves. No right or wrong answers.

People have been searching for God for as long as we had words to describe the search. Looking for God outside of yourself is like looking for your sunglasses when they are on the top of your head all along. Finding God is as simple as lowering your head and letting the glasses fall down over your eyes. God IS the sunglasses, or maybe God is in the eyes and consciousness of the one looking.

To paraphrase the famous verse from the Talmud, “You don’t see God as God is. You see God as YOU are.”

Spend time looking within, at the way you perceive the world, and you will come nearer the essence of life, God by any name. Or as the Sufis say, “The more you look for God, the more you find yourself.”

I’m about to start a 7 week teleclass on God; the history of God, the idea of God and personal transformation. Click here for more information. The class begins on June 7, and you can also download the class to listen in your own time. All are welcome, no matter what language (if any) you use to describe the heart and soul of life.

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  1. Renee Freeland says:

    I always enjoy visiting your blog. It’s a breath of fresh air; morning dew on bare feet. Thank you for the respite. Namaste


  2. ian says:

    thanks Renee. Namaste

  3. Unkiown says:

    Good experiment. Everyone pointed in different directions. How many pointed at themselves and said inside me? That idea of separation and not being connected to God is what religion has been doing for centuries. It is time to wake and change the teachings and education of spirituality the way it was meant to be. Stop looking out side and up and start looking inward.

  4. speakeezie says:

    We and everything in the Universe are a manifestation of something. We call this something God for reasons that are unclear since no one knows who or what God is or how he/she/it came into being. So suggesting we need only look into our hearts to find the something which we call God sounds like gobbledygook to many. However, if we are a manifestation of “God’s” essence then of course by looking at and into ourselves we see a part of that essence. I leave you with the following thoughts :

    It is clear  that a state of nothing is an impossibility since there is SOMETHING which could not emerge from a state devoid of anything. Therefore this SOMETHING is by definition an eternal state. The question is what is the SOMETHING? The answer is energy. Nothing can exist let alone evolve without it. Energy is the primal eternal force that  is the difference between nothing and something. 

    This primal eternal energy must therefore be  the source of all existence. Everything in the objective physical and invisible universe is of or originates from it and is therefore “genetically” connected to it, so to speak.

    Energy resonates frequencies of which there are an infinite number. Since this eternal energy source exists in infinity, energy is also infinite. Thus this primal eternal energy = existence = life = energy = life ad infinitum. The universe and everything in it is an energy form resonating at differing frequencies. All energy forms are both receivers and transmitters of energy waves at various frequencies. Love is an energy with a specific frequency as are all thoughts.

    To transform these frequencies into a physical image/sound requires that we are tuned in to those channels. Thus the universe is a combination of countless fluctuating frequencies. Our reality is determined by the input/output of all incoming and outgoing frequencies. The more we send out energy waves of love the more we change our reality for the better and visa versa. This is how and why we are joint creators of our own reality.

    The Bible tells us that God is love. Love is an energy form. A self sustaining creation can only be built on love or the energy of love. One built on any other energy form would inevitably self destruct since it would contain the elements of conflict.

    In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The word was not a word. It was an energy wave that corresponds to love. Thus God is truly love.

  5. Timothy says:

    Rubbish! How would you like to be addressed by any name. When we have a personal relationship with the “I Am” we will know the truth and it will set us free. I’ve been face to face with the truth and He set me free. If you are searching, you will find when you search out Christ with all of your heart.

  6. ian says:

    thanks for your comment Timothy. My experience with coming face to face with the infinite mystery and beauty of life, by any name, is that it makes me more open, loving, compassionate and humble. Is that your experience? Are you compassionate towards me or angry? Because it sounds like anger, and I don’t relate anger to an experience of the infinite.

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