Doubt is often seen as a weakness, sometimes as the opposite of faith. I once heard a televangelist say, “Give doubt an inch, and it will become your ruler.” I doubt that. Doubt is one of the ways you inch towards truth.

Doubt is powerful. It is the way things change. Doubt is a personal invitation, a welcome sign that says, “Inquire within.” It is a massive question mark on the way things are, an invitation to reconsider the status quo. Doubt is essential to question beliefs, relationships and systems that are no longer serving you.

Doubt is the intuition to reach for the whistle around your neck and cry blue murder about injustice. Doubt says “No!” to the voices inside and outside that tell you you can’t do something, not good enough, not worthy, not lovable. Doubt is also how you push your limits. Next time you come to a point of resignation, and imagine that you’re at the end of the road in some endeavor, doubt your assumptions. See if you can push further, be more, see more, experience more of life.

Doubt isn’t the end of change. It’s the beginning. If you stop at doubt, you become cynical. Doubt is the dust that is stirred up in your consciousness, but not yet settled. After doubt, comes inquiry. You verify your assumptions and facts. You don’t want to stop with doubt, or else you just become cynical for the sake of it. Doubt is leading you somewhere other than itself. The end of doubt will be to formulate a positive agenda, which in time will itself be questioned and reformed. Each time it begins with questions about the status quo.

Doubt is an in built lighthouse, warning you when you are heading straight on to the rocks of self destruction. So give yourself the benefit of doubt. Question EVERYTHING.

The most successful people have doubts; they just don’t cave on their vision because of doubt. There’s an opening in doubt where the light gets in. It’s the place where “whys” make you wise, and questions take you on new quests for depth. Give yourself the benefit of doubt, and you will feast on new possibility.

In any case, there is no suppressing doubt. You can pretend it’s not there, but it is there and it will be heard. When doubt comes knocking and you don’t answer, curiosity will come through the side window. It’s much better to let it through the front door and greet it face to face.

Life is fuller and freer without certainty. Doubt is not the opposite of faith. It is the leap of faith, the rabbit hole of human becoming. Jane Evershed summed it up beautifully-

It’s yours, take it,
Leap like a lunatic
Over the chasm below
Erupting as you go
Your true self awaits you
NOW you will know

Doubt is one of intuition’s most powerful tools. Use it wisely, not as the end point, but as a spark to break the bonds of status quo. Both your mind and your experience, not to mention your underlying awareness, are powerful tools to test all that you hear and see and take you closer to the truth of your essential nature.

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