Hollywood’s Original Sucker

November 2nd, 2012

I cry in movies. There, I confessed it. Any movie. Most movies. After Titanic, I had to be coaxed out of a fetal position. Television too- after Radar announced that Henry Blake had died in MASH, I was a blubbering mess for about an hour. I always wondered where this tendency came from until I went to the movies with my Mum (Mom!) recently. She quietly sobbed throughout. And the movie was TOWER HEIST!?! 🙂  She was caught up in the justice of good triumphing over evil. I love this about her.

Also, I can barely control my bladder in Leslie Nielsen movies like Airplane and Naked Gun. Slapstick more than tickles my funny bone. After watching action movies I usually exit the cinema through the back door. After all the Rocky movies, I go for long runs in the snow. I’m Hollywood’s original sucker.

So much for me. Movies definitely trigger my full range of emotions. What is it for you?

I’m fascinated by emotions because emotions are one of the ways we get out of our logical, and often habitual, minds and experience more of who we are. Emotions are part of our extraordinary knowledge. I’m fascinated by emotions, and even more fascinated by what awareness of emotions brings to our experience of life.

Which is more compelling?

A presenter with a carefully crafted argument, or a presenter speaking from the heart even if it includes a few fumbles and gaffes?

An author who uses massively long words, or an author who paints emotional pictures with words?

An athlete with amazing technique or an athlete who refuses to quit?

Emotional communication is powerful. It comes from your heart. What could be more persuasive?

Emotional honesty is liberating. Something magical happens when honest people come together with nothing to defend and nothing to fear and share their passion.  Could there be anything more liberating?

Emotional literacy is transformative, for you and the planet. Could there be anything more powerful?

May all be well with your heart. Feel everything you feel fully and become all you can be. From my heart to yours. Namaste!

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  1. 'Annie' says:

    Theologians speak of tradition, reason and scripture as revealed knowledge of God, designating creation as inferior and never mentioning the entire spirit/emotion/mind and socio-cultural context which shapes the entire experience. Any one is incomplete.

  2. marcel says:

    time you saw the movie : hear no evil, see no evil with richard pryor and gene wilder.
    one’s blind, the other deaf…

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