Inner Peace and Letting Go

November 11th, 2012

Inner peace? We all want it, and we want it now. So how do you get it?  Nobody can give you inner peace. You have to find it yourself. Its not even something you find. You just have to stop burying it. It is your own thoughts that are denying you this innate experience. It only requires a small shift in perspective to tap into inner peace. You don’t have to retreat to a Himalayan cave or move to an Indian Ashram to find peace. You can experience inner peace right now, and right where you are. Inner peace is as close as your breath. All you need to do is let go.

A train pulls up at a platform at New York’s Grand Central Station. A well-dressed woman exits the train. She realizes that she has only one glove, and the other is on the train. She can see it on the seat where she was sitting. But the doors of the train are closing. She has to make a choice; jump back on the train to get her glove or shrug her shoulders and forget about it. She does neither. She takes a beautiful third option. She throws the remaining glove back through the doors just before they close. I don’t know what she was thinking. Maybe she thought someone else might as well have both gloves.Who knows!

Whatever her reasons, this is a wonderful metaphor for letting go and inner peace. After spending so much energy trying not to lose things, gloves and relationships and beliefs, there come certain times when you just have to stretch your arm out and toss anything that is holding you back onto a moving train. And I love the fact that it’s a glove. Once you have removed both gloves, your hands are free to let go of all sorts of things. It doesn’t come naturally, does it? We tend to be clingers.We cling to our gloves as if our lives depend on them. We cling to our children as if our children couldn’t possibly survive without us. We cling to our beliefs as if we are nothing without them.The challenge is that the train’s about to leave, the doors are closing and you have to decide. Clutch on to the last vestige of the way things were, or release your grip, take a risk and live in the moment.

Sometimes you have to toss a glove onto a departing train just to feel the exhilaration of being alive, to remind yourself to loosen up and take a risk. Live a little. It’s all changing anyway. You might as well enjoy the ride. The freedom of letting go is that you feel lighter, you move more easily, you have less baggage and you discover that most of what you let go comes back to you in some other form anyway if you are open. This is the peace of letting go. You don’t think about what you are losing. You think about what you are gaining.

Letting go is one of the paths to peace.

Let go. Stop resisting your innate wisdom and peace. Soften your gaze. You will be amazed at what you notice. Unclench your fists. You will be amazed at what you surrender. Open your mind. You will be amazed at what you learn. Listen to your heart. You will be amazed at what you already know. Rest in your essential nature. The peace will amaze you.

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  1. Melody says:

    Beautiful and so well written.  Thanks for the inspiration and encouraging we humans to just “let go.” 

  2. Carmen says:

    I suddenly understand. Oprah would have called it a “Light Bulb Moment”.
    Thanks so much. Maybe now I can learn to stop gritting my teeth.

  3. Kenneth Vogt says:

    I want to meet that woman. In fact, I want to surround myself with that woman and her likeminded friends. Sometimes we get a chance to let go. It is practically a done deal but we hang on to some insignificant part when the heavy lifting has already been done for us. What a blessing it is to train yourself to see those moments and develop the default habit of tossing the second glove.

  4. Margaret says:

    An inspiration!  We have to keep being reminded, until we remember to remind ourselves.

  5. Phillp says:

    Very timely piece, Ian, and something from which I guess we all(myself included) can learn from. The other morning, I just completed reading the sixth and latest book from Bruce Sanguin”The Advance of Love-Reading the Bible with an Evolutionary Heart”, and whilst I admit his theology wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, I personally loved it! Not sure if’ you’ve had time to read it through your no doubt frantic schedule, Ian, but the chapter relevant to this post, is chapter 22 entitled “Finding your Inner Shepherd”, in which he says in summary when things get tough, when life is getting you down, particuarly, when people think they have all the answers, RUN!! Trust your “inner shepherd”, and all else will take care of itself.

  6. subhalakshmi says:

    This is a very nice post. Sometimes we have to let go to find greater happiness. 

  7. Nancy says:

    wow. it’s nice. you just open my mind going to the next level in the way of thought and become more logical to live. great! 😉

  8. Berris says:

    In a busy world with everything changing and even the centre at times cannot hold; it is wonderful to be reminded that letting go could be the reality of Light! Thank you Ian.

  9. Kathy Wilson says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how you guys keep producing such high quality, beautiful writing that makes me think every time. This one was particularly gorgeous. Thank you.

  10. ian says:

    thank you Kathy. Be well, Ian

  11. This is awesome. I am on an every evolving quest for inner peace. As someone with anxiety, I find it difficult to find that peace sometimes. But I know it’s within my reach. Thank you for this. 

  12. Wonderful!   You might listen to “Letting Go” on Amazon MP3.  We are all in the same practice.

  13. Shyam Upadhyaya says:

    Nicely said and inspiring. Beautiful!

  14. Shivani Roy says:

    Gorgeously Written..I would be really happy when someday given a similar situation I can act like this women… to let go of cling at once…beautiful.

  15. Jacquie Joseph says:

    Ian .. I have to say.. you write the most beautiful pieces ever! Enjoy reading them all the time. This one especially.

  16. ian says:

    thank you Jacquie

  17. BC says:

    Yes a lovely article. I seriously need to let go as I have no inner peace either…….

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